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Studies. An important element to painting that I many times overlook and don't take advantage of. Studies should be something that comes automatic when thinking of new ideas for paintings or when trying to work out issues that you run into. The struggle for me is setting aside the time to constantly make new studies instead of delving directly into a project. I also have to remind myself not to get caught up on a single image or idea so as much as I hate to put something aside and move on to the next idea without feeling a sense of completion, it is sometimes necessary. But making sure to add something new to each study or making a shift from the last can keep the project fresh and interesting. Once you have a wide variety of studies it is easier to see the issues you will have to work on for the project itself. For this project in particular, I need to make sure each different element is able to work with each other and create the story and feeling that lies behind it.



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Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo book signing

Cultural Encounters: Friday Nights at the de Young presents Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo, in partnership with Precita Eyes Muralists

Friday Nights at the de Young | Lectures and Symposia | Artist Studio | Special Events | Music at the de Young

5:30 PM - 8:45 PM  November 6, 2009

  1. The de Young Museum hosts a year-long series celebrating the just released Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo(Abrams, 2009), edited by Annice Jacoby, with a foreword by Carlos Santana, as part of the museum's weekly program Cultural Encounters: Friday Nights at the de Young. 
This series celebrates one of San Francisco’s greatest assets—the Mission District arts community, a rising star on the global art map. Both cutting-edge and traditional street artists will offer lectures and performances sharing their art, insights, musings, experiences, and perspectives.
These programs are offered FREE of charge in the free zone of the museum. For more information, visit

Eternal Sleep

Last chance to check out Eternal Sleep. 
Dia de los Muertos Showcase and 1 year anniverary of 1 AM gallery @ 6th and Howard.
Coming down november 6th.. Check it.

Sneak peak of my pieces.. 

Te Amo Siempre.. Detail

Remember Me Always.. Detail

October Walls

Clarion Alley. . in progress
Lilac Alley
Lilac Alley